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Detect an AdBlocker with JavaScript

Adblockers are big business on the internet today, but how can you detect if a user is using an adblocker? The answer is pretty simple and only requires a few lines of code. First we need to set a variable to ‘true’, then we load a javascript file called adframe.js within this JavaScript file we set the variable to ‘false’. [...]


Build a music sequencer with jQuery

I’ve been fascinated over the last few days by sampulator, a great little project by @stevespaced that allows you to sequence sounds to build up a song. After a bit of research I came across this code by Joe Harry which uses the Howler.js audio library to sequence and play the sounds. The sequencer is based on the Yamaha’s [...]


Awesome modals with animatedModal.js

Recently we had to use animatedModal.js in a project. The brilliant work of João Pereira. Let’s explore this jQuery plugin in more detail and how to use it on your site. We used it in the product comparison plugin post that you can see here The animatedModal.js is basically used to create CSS3 transitions. The plugin produces a responsive [...]


Get started with Grunt

What is Grunt? It can be summarized as an automation tool. Developers have to make sure that their code is to develop, and develop well. That’s why Grunt helps them to focus on developing quality code by automating tasks such as file minification, code and compile Sass and Less, etc. In this tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how you can [...]


CSS and JavaScript mobile UI preview tool

I stumbled across an awesome post on Codepen by Felix Rilling which uses pure CSS to display a phone with an iframe embeded to enable you to preview a responsive site. You can view the original code he wrote here. I’ve taken the code and modified it to make it easy to preview a site for different mobile screen sizes and added a rotational [...]


jQuery product comparison plugin

Here’s a simple way for customers to be able to compare products to help them make a purchase decision. In the demo you select which products you want to compare and hit the ‘compare’ button which displays a fullscreen modal displaying  further information about the products. Let’s delve into the code. For this example [...]


PHP Cookies

We will be looking at using cookies in PHP, not the cookie you enjoy eating, but the cookie as a tool for web development. We will examine what a cookie is, discuss how to create one, learn about how to delete and modify them. In web dev a cookie is a tool used to identify a user. A cookie is a small file that is embedded by the server on [...]


Dynamic alerts using JavaScript

Let’s talk about JavaScript and how it allows you to be able to pickup user input or display small amounts of text to the user by using popup dialog boxes. These dialog boxes appear as separate windows and their content depends on the information provided by the user. you can easily implement dialog boxes by using JavaScript and embedding [...]

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