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10 Free scripts to download

10 Free scripts to download

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Posted on May 18, 2012

It’s been a while since I put together the “20 Complete scripts to download” post so I thought it was time for a quick roundup of some of the best downloads I’ve put together on Papermashup. You can download each file individually if you wish or click the big blue download button at the bottom of the post to get the complete bundle.

1. Building an animated 3D poll

Demo Download

2. jQuery Face Detection

Demo Download

3. HTML5 Geo location using the Google API

Demo Download

4. Automatic jQuery site subscription lightbox

Demo Download

5. jQuery UI Slider

Demo Download

6. jQuery Fancy Switch

Demo Download

7. jQuery Show / Hide Plugin

Demo Download

8. Using Google’s Weather API

Demo Download

9. Build a jQuery content feature like MailChimp

Demo Download

10. Build a jQuery Plugin

Demo Download


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  • Windofelm

    Thanks a lot

  • shubhbandh

    Heartily thanks man, plz tell me can I use for my commercial site.

  • farid

    Here you will find free scripts with demonstration

    add dots (.) in the website name below

    www 55points blogspot com

  • Short code

    I have seen many creative radio buttons but jQuery Fancy Switch is a most creative one.

    • AnaboliCode

      I like the Fancy Switch too but here’s a first:
      Works fine in IE9 but not in Opera 12.16!
      Firefox works great too.

  • saha

    I was looking for php poll script and here I found animated 3D poll script ready to download. Thanks for sharing.

  • sany

    can anyone please tell me what the .htaccess file is and what is the purpose of it . i have already googling many time about it but i did not understand it clearly.Thank in advance

    • AnaboliCode

      You’re really asking in the wrong place.
      Basically it contains settings for your website.
      You can do redirects, file associations, block users etc.
      You can have different ones for different folders on a web server.
      There is a lot of information if you Google some more.

  • Paolo Euvrard

    I just tried your Automatic jQuery site subscription lightbox.

    It’s a great tool, works perfectly, it’s just what I needed to boost my subscriptions at

    Thanks a lot

    • Ashley

      Hey Paolo,

      Really glad you found it useful. Looks great!