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Awesome Dashboard Gauges with Javascript

Awesome Dashboard Gauges with Javascript

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Posted on January 21, 2013

Data visualisation techniques are ever evolving, and I’d like to share a cool plugin I’ve been using for a while now, It’s based on the Raphaël library for vector drawing so it’s completely scalable and self-adjusting. You can track it on Git Hub here it’s called JustGage and allows you to add these awesome gauges to your site in minutes.

The Code

So once you’ve included the javascript plugin files, all you need to do is call the plugin as shown below. You’ll see that in the demo below we’re refreshing the data every 1.5 seconds and generating a random number but this could easily be fed with live data from say a database or ajax feed.

      var g1, g2, g3;

      window.onload = function(){
        var g1 = new JustGage({
          id: "g1",
          value: getRandomInt(0, 32),
          min: 0,
          max: 100,
          title: "CPU",
          label: "load",
          levelColorsGradient: false

        var g2 = new JustGage({
          id: "g2",
          value: getRandomInt(34, 65),
          min: 0,
          max: 100,
          title: "RAM",
          label: "load",
          levelColorsGradient: false

        var g3 = new JustGage({
          id: "g3",
          value: getRandomInt(66, 100),
          min: 0,
          max: 100,
          title: "Network",
          label: "connections",
          levelColorsGradient: false

        setInterval(function() {
          g1.refresh(getRandomInt(0, 42));
          g2.refresh(getRandomInt(34, 65));
          g3.refresh(getRandomInt(66, 100));
        }, 1500);


Simply define the div elements where you want the gauges to be injected into and that’s it. This is just a quick introduction into how the gauges work, and there’s far more customisation that can be done.

    <div id="g1"></div>
    <div id="g2"></div>
    <div id="g3"></div>

Demo Download

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  • Rick

    Your demo for this isn’t working fyi (Chrome, OS X)

  • Cubicle Ninjas

    I definitely want to try this.

  • Anurag Das

    Can you post something more regarding the Raphaël library ??

    • Ashley

      Hey Anurag – Yes i’ll see what i can come up with in the future!

  • Nerudo

    Awesome article.

    I noticed some of your code was escaped.

    Look forward to your new articles.

    • Ashley

      All fixed thanks for noticing!