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"A. Hey do you know a good GDPR consultant? B. Yes. A. Great! Can you give me his email? B. No."

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"@Mothercarehelp Hi Jo, Yes the store manager just called. Looks like involving @BBCWatchdog has done the trick. Theā€¦"

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Simple CSS Navigation

Navigation is a key feature on any site and for a front end web designer or developer there’s nothing more important than creating the perfect navigation menu. Today I’m going to run through how to create a pure CSS navigation strip using basic HTML and CSS. This will give you a basic understanding of how to put together a CSS [...]


jQuery growl notification plugin

Last week I signed up Gravity a new site setup by a few guys that used to work at MySpace. As i was using the site I noticed these great little notifications popping up in my browser, Mac users will be familiar with this as they work in the same way as Growl notifications. I thought it was interesting that this technique of displaying live [...]


Give your site an iPhone bookmark icon

I recently configured my site for mobile consumption, by using the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin along with the Carrington Mobile 1.0.2 theme. I noticed when I bookmarked my site using the iPhone that the home screen icon as missing. Today I’m going to run through how to create and setup the home icon for your website. Create the icon [...]


We Deliver – a 24hr project

I’ve been meaning to do something sporadic and creative for a while now but have never got around to it until now. I decided to challenge myself to build a site ( in under 24hrs from concept and design through to development. The site is a silly idea based on a simple delivery website with the twist of allowing [...]


A Guide to Wireframing

Planning a project thoroughly is often more important than the design, app or site. If a project is badly planned and organised then your heading for a disaster. Wireframing is usually one of the first steps to really mapping out your user flows, and is a place where all the ideas can be brought together to build a better picture of what the [...]


5 SEO tuning tips

If you think you can just build a website and expect it to perform well you can think again. Getting a website to the top of search results is every marketing managers goal. Im going to run through five key points that will put you in good stead to getting the results your site deserves. SEO is often percieved as a dark art. If you start out [...]


Logging processes with PHP

Its sometimes necessary as a developer to log and track data as it is processed either to debug or to keep a simple record of maybe who’s logged in or out of your site. You could easily do this by accessing a MySQL database and adding a row, but you then have to create and maintain that database. So today I’m going to run through [...]


Using Memcache With PHP

I want to just start this little post with that fact that I don’t know all the ins and outs of using Memcache but I have enough knowledge to just about get it working. I have access to a Mediatemple Dedicated Virtual Extreme server and managed to install it on the server using SSH, with the help of this little guide from Mediatemple [...]