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"RT @charlesLeahy1: Bloody migrants coming over here blocking our roads #amphibiancaravan"

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"RT @RandyRainbow: This is the only news I care about today 🦃"

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(/ˈdʒɑːvəˌskrɪpt/) is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language.

Simple jQuery Show/Hide Div

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to show/ hide a div using jQuery. First we include the Google jQuery library, the next steps simple. We now setup a click event listener which is triggered when a users click the and object that has the class ‘show_hide’ which then toggles the div element with the class ‘slidingDiv’. [...]


Prototype page scrolling

I’ve been working on a project over the last few days that uses anchor links to direct the user to specific content on the page, but instead of just clicking the link and page snapping to the content i thought it would be nice for the page to scroll to the specific content. This technique can be achieved using Prototype effects. You [...]


Creating an iframe with JavaScript

I want to start this post by saying that I’m not a fan of using iframes, however, sometimes due to restrictions within some development environments it may be the only way to embed content into your site of blog. So whats the point i hear you cry. This code is really only useful if your distributing and sharing widgets from your site. [...]


Mootools auto font size adjustment

After browsing the vast space that is the internet, i stumbled upon a great piece of code that, depending on the number of words in a div automatically adjusts the font size. This could be really useful if you have a list of user feedback, that you want to jazz up. So whats the code doing? Simply put. The code looks for the text within class [...]


Replace a divs contents with jQuery

I had a problem a while back where i needed to put the contents of a div into another div, the reason for this was because i couldn’t access the source code of the page to modify the div contents, as it was built using a CMS, so the only option was to use .append() in jQuery to do the job. The code. You need to include the jQuery framework [...]


Google Ajax API

Google provides a great set of javascript api’s to interact with its service. The Google service allows you to integrate maps, local search, dynamic feed content, and graphs and charts, into your website or blog. To start using the service you need to sign-up for an api key here, after that the best place to head it the ‘code playground‘ [...]


Protect your email address with JavaScript

Spam is still an increasing problem on the internet and here’s a quick way that you can save your email address from getting poached. This method uses concatenation to bind the email address, The first operator, called the string operator, is the plus sign ( + ). It is used to signify that one whole string is to be ‘added’ [...]