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It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API

Build a music sequencer with jQuery

I’ve been fascinated over the last few days by sampulator, a great little project by @stevespaced that allows you to sequence sounds to build up a song. After a bit of research I came across this code by Joe Harry which uses the Howler.js audio library to sequence and play the sounds. The sequencer is based on the Yamaha’s [...]


Awesome modals with animatedModal.js

Recently we had to use animatedModal.js in a project. The brilliant work of João Pereira. Let’s explore this jQuery plugin in more detail and how to use it on your site. We used it in the product comparison plugin post that you can see here The animatedModal.js is basically used to create CSS3 transitions. The plugin produces a responsive [...]


jQuery product comparison plugin

Here’s a simple way for customers to be able to compare products to help them make a purchase decision. In the demo you select which products you want to compare and hit the ‘compare’ button which displays a fullscreen modal displaying  further information about the products. Let’s delve into the code. For this example [...]


The jQuery Animate Method Explained

One of the most fun parts of working with the web is animating elements on a web page. For animations, not only do we have to understand the effects across different devices, but also the elements that change the visibility, and properties, either at a particular time or in response to an event, for example altering the size of an element [...]


Gauge Bootstrap Theme

A dashboard theme packed with charts, Including the following features and available for just $5! (was $15) If you’ve not used Bootstrap you’re missing out. Note: this theme is built with Bootstrap V2. Gauge Admin One Page Responsive Theme comes complete with awesome charts gauges and micro bar charts. Gauge is a super clean elegant [...]


jQuery UI Slider

I’ve been hugely inspired recently by the design work of Orman Clark from and his generous selection of top quality PSD downloads. after seeing this beautiful design of a button and slider set I was eager to code up a working version using jQuery UI. You can grab the PSD for the design here along with tons of awesome [...]


Dynamically updating times using jQuery

With the rise of Facebook and Twitter we’re so used to instantly updating data and being able to judge fresh content almost instantly. Facebook for instance automatically updates how long ago someone left a comment on the fly without even refreshing the page. There’s an easy frontend solution to generating this. and here are the [...]


jQuery list filtering

Here’s a clever little script that’s certainly useful if you want to give users the functionality to refine search results or filter product results. If you had a list of films with long titles this would be a quick and easy way to filter through the results. The Code The code below works by searching the text in the list items [...]


Automatically pull in user Gravatar images

I was browsing and saw a pretty interesting code snippet from Chris Coyier from CSS-Tricks which is pretty useful for WordPress users and allows the gravatar of a commenter to be dynamically pulled into the comment box as soon as the user has clicked out of the email input field. The Code This code snippet is pretty easy to grasp. [...]


jQuery Face Detection

Jay Salvat just posted a brilliant plugin that automatically detects faces in a picture. You can download the code from Git Hub or check out the demo here The plugin is fairly easy to integrate into a social application, all you need to do is add the following code to a page so when you click the ‘detect faces’ button the plugin [...]