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"RT @charlesLeahy1: Bloody migrants coming over here blocking our roads #amphibiancaravan"

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"RT @RandyRainbow: This is the only news I care about today 🦃"

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It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API

jQuery growl notification plugin

Last week I signed up Gravity a new site setup by a few guys that used to work at MySpace. As i was using the site I noticed these great little notifications popping up in my browser, Mac users will be familiar with this as they work in the same way as Growl notifications. I thought it was interesting that this technique of displaying live [...]


Parse XML with jQuery

I recently ran through the technique of parsing JSON with jQuery and thought i’d pick this up and show you how to parse XML. It’s pretty much the same although the big difference with using XML is that this won’t work for xml files that don’t sit outside of your domain as we’re making a standard AJAX request and [...]


Ketchup jQuery form validation

I recently had the need for some client side form validation and happened to find the jQuery Ketchup plugin. It’s a simple and flexible plugin that can be modified and styled for your own needs, plugin modifications are encouraged although the ‘out of the box’ code will work just fine for your basic needs. You’ll need [...]


We Deliver – a 24hr project

I’ve been meaning to do something sporadic and creative for a while now but have never got around to it until now. I decided to challenge myself to build a site ( in under 24hrs from concept and design through to development. The site is a silly idea based on a simple delivery website with the twist of allowing [...]


jQuery Event Delegation

When I first started using jQuery to make AJAX requests event delegation always caught me out as I never understood what it was or how to use it. If you’re manipulating the DOM you will surely come across the problem of when you dynamically add an element to a page you can’t just go and add an event handler to this new element [...]


How to create a jQuery category drop down

Every couple of weeks I seem to find myself checking to see if they’re accepting new submissions as I’d like to submit this site. Any how on this occasion I couldn’t help but notice the browse by community section at the top of the page. Clicking the button reveals a section that contains a list of category names. [...]


Truncate text with the jTruncate jQuery Plugin

I stumbled across this pretty useful jQuery Plugin the other day that i though some of you would appreciate. It was written by Jeremy Martin a few years back. The plugin solves a big problem in that, if you have too much text you can not truncate it, or split it into two section allowing you to hide and reveal the text when needed. The plugin [...]


jQuery image zoom effect

I recently revamped my portfolio as it was looking dreary and completely uninspiring, I wanted to present my work in a way that was both easy to navigate, easy to maintain and most importantly looked smart and un-cluttered. When I was brainstorming for ideas, I initially thought I would break up my portfolio into categories to make it both [...]


jQuery and PHP inline editing

Inline editing as it’s known, or being able to edit content directly on a page is a great tool have under your belt. I’m going to run through exactly how it works as well as how to POST the updated text content through to a PHP script for server side processing to put in the database. The Code It looks a little complex so i’m [...]