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"RT @charlesLeahy1: Bloody migrants coming over here blocking our roads #amphibiancaravan"

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"RT @RandyRainbow: This is the only news I care about today 🦃"

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It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API

jQuery ‘Farbtastic’ colour picker

The Farbtastic colour picker is really easy to implement. Its great if your building a customisable interface for an online product in the same way that you can manipulate the design of your Twitter profile. Farbtastic uses layered transparent PNGs to render a saturation/luminance gradient inside of a hue circle. more info on the colour picker [...]


Create a dynamic form preview with jQuery

I recently had the need to build a dynamic form preview tool for work so clients could preview how the text and images would look before submitting the content to be published. I’ve trimmed down the code and removed the database part completely from this example so we can concentrate purely on the JavaScript. The JavaScript The HTML [...]


jQuery Ajax delete

Removing contents with Ajax is a useful tool to have in any web designers kit. Using a few lines of jQuery we can remove a div and simultaneously remove a record from the database with Ajax. In the download and demo you’ll see a small red cross to the right of each comment. Clicking the cross will remove the comment div with a slide [...]


Simple jQuery Gallery

Recently I was asked to code a really simple photo gallery with jQuery, so I thought I’d post it for all to use. Its really simple and is the first time I’ve built a gallery with jQuery. It works by taking the link to the large image from the rel tag that we set in our html code. we then replace the contents of the div with the [...]


jQuery Iphone Style Ajax Switch

I’ve been looking for a while at how to mimic the iPhone on / off switch with Jquery and stumbled across this post By Daniel LaBare over at which is a great start to base an ajax tutorial on. In this tutorial I’ll purely be looking at making a simple ajax request using the functionality of the iPhone buttons to trigger [...]


Jquery Spy

A while ago i spent a long time looking into how Digg made their original spy script, which i can no longer find on their site. They do however have a flash spy which is pretty cool and can be found here. I found a similar script to do the job over at and used that for a while for a small project of my own, and over the past [...]


Replace a divs contents with jQuery

I had a problem a while back where i needed to put the contents of a div into another div, the reason for this was because i couldn’t access the source code of the page to modify the div contents, as it was built using a CMS, so the only option was to use .append() in jQuery to do the job. The code. You need to include the jQuery framework [...]


JQuery fading a div after a certain time

Here’s a handy bit of code that I use quite regularly, it’s particularly useful if you’re getting a response message from a form to notify the user that was data sent, or communicate an error and you want to fade the message out after a set time. Firstly you need to include the jQuery framework you can download the latest [...]