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"RT @charlesLeahy1: Bloody migrants coming over here blocking our roads #amphibiancaravan"

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"RT @RandyRainbow: This is the only news I care about today 🦃"

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Prototype iPhone apps with Javascript and HTML

Ratchet is a great way of prototyping iPhone apps and has a whole host of functionality. It also takes advantage of Push.js which when connecting your pages allows you to create a prototype that feels like a real app when you save it to your phone. Push.js basically loads in the pages and animates between them much like the animation effects [...]


Optimise your site for mobile devices

With the advent of smart phones and more powerful handheld devices like the iPad are your mobile users having the best experience? The mobile arena introduces a layer of complexity that can be difficult for designers and developers to accommodate. Mobile development is more than cross-browser, it should be cross-platform. Add a Mobile Stylesheet [...]


Give your site an iPhone bookmark icon

I recently configured my site for mobile consumption, by using the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin along with the Carrington Mobile 1.0.2 theme. I noticed when I bookmarked my site using the iPhone that the home screen icon as missing. Today I’m going to run through how to create and setup the home icon for your website. Create the icon [...]


Key web development skills

API Knowledge A key tool for any budding web developer is API knowledge. It’s good to familiarise yourself with a variety of application interfaces. I started out using the Twitter REST API with PHP and CURL when twitter first launched the API to basically get a users tweets, pretty simple now I look back, but at the time it was the [...]


Lightweight Mobile Browser Detection

This simple lightweight piece of code developed by Andy Moore and modified by Mobiforge allows you to redirect your users through to a mobile version of your site. The best way to do this would be to include the following code into the top of the index page as this is most likely your first point of entry. It is advised as i did in the iphone [...]