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"@c_lane It doesn't. Please reveal all...."

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"@OliDoubleT Hey Oli, you’re free to use it for personal and commercial projects, and modify the code however you se…"

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jQuery Face Detection

Jay Salvat just posted a brilliant plugin that automatically detects faces in a picture. You can download the code from Git Hub or check out the demo here The plugin is fairly easy to integrate into a social application, all you need to do is add the following code to a page so when you click the ‘detect faces’ button the plugin [...]


jQuery Iphone Style Ajax Switch

I’ve been looking for a while at how to mimic the iPhone on / off switch with Jquery and stumbled across this post By Daniel LaBare over at which is a great start to base an ajax tutorial on. In this tutorial I’ll purely be looking at making a simple ajax request using the functionality of the iPhone buttons to trigger [...]