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Compress your HTML code using PHP

Compress your HTML code using PHP

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Posted on April 2, 2009

When we write code we love to format it nicely adding tabs, line breaks and indentations, but the end user isn’t interested in how lovely the source code is, they just want the page content, so this script strips out all the line breaks and spaces in your code and puts it on one line, compressing your code and making it faster.

	//  start output buffer

<!-- all xhtml content here -->

	// end output buffer and echo the page content

	//  this function gets rid of tabs, line breaks, and white space
	function compress_html($compress)
		$i = array('/>[^S ]+/s','/[^S ]+</s','/(s)+/s');
		$ii = array('>','<','1');
		return preg_replace($i, $ii, $compress);

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  • whois

    This is very helpful!

  • Mike Edward Moras (e-sushi™)

    Doesn’t work. It breaks simple HTML5 code… (PHP5.2, UTF-8)

  • Roger

    I hate to be a kill joy, but this isn’t technically “compressing”.
    GZip, Deflate, ZLib etc. – That is Compression.

    This is simply stripping unwanted chars.

  • Balaji J H

    Whether i need to add the html codes instead of


  • Ian

    This script doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve literally followed instructions and placed the top code at the very top of the .php page and the bottom at the very bottom with no space and HTML in between. However on output all comments, line breaks and white space still remain. Is there something else I’m missing?

    • Ashley

      @Ian Sorry my mistake there was an error in the code! should work fine now, let me know how you get on

  • Ian

    I was actually looking to figure out a way to do something similar to this. Ideally I just wanted a php script which would scan through the html doc and remove all HTML comments. I use a lot of comments whilst in development but don’t necessarily want these to go live and the manual way of stripping them out is a bit of a chore.

    Any chance you could show how I can alter the script to do this?

  • Ryan Maughan

    Where do you call the function?
    All it’s doing, is starting the buffer, echoing the content, then ending the buffer.


    • Ashley

      Hey Ryan, yeah your right however its stripping out all the white space in your code when it renders the page therefore compressing your code down to one line. you don’t call the function. You simply wrap your HTML code in the PHP buffer.

  • Jutta

    i dont anderstand where to put this php code.
    In the function,head,index?
    In the body tag?
    Will be great if you will explain it to me.

    • Ashley

      @jutta You need to add the code at the top of your page before any other code