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Pretty CSS3 buttons

I’ve come across quite a few sites that explain how to create flexible CSS3 buttons but i’ve never really spent the time to implement one until i found a great little write up courtesy of the guys over at the Zurb blog who have a fantastic post on creating CSS3 buttons. So i’ve taken their example and tweaked it to fit my needs. It’s worth noting that if your using Internet explorer you’re not going to see all these effects as IE still doesn’t support … Read More

Useful .htaccess techniques

I wrote a post mid last year about protecting your site images from being hotlinked as I found a site that had word for word scrapped one of my blog posts, you can see the post here, and I really wanted to go back to this and run over a few more things the .htaccess file is useful for. I mainly use the .htaccess file to rewrite URIs for example would be accessed by visiting So the URI is being re-routed to … Read More

How PHP helped me solve the Rubik’s cube

I was set a challenge last week to complete a Rubik’s cube after tinkering with one by a colleagues desk and managing to get a complete line of matching colours with little effort. In the past i’ve never fully understood the concept and complexity of how to complete this popular 80’s puzzle. However the same way as a programmer I work out the right way to complete a coding issue by using a set of pointers and algorithms, the same is applies to completing the … Read More

Get started with CodeIgniter

I’ve never really got the hang of PHP frameworks and have tended to use my own custom built CMS but even with this I still find myself writing the same code over and over again. In the past I’ve dabbled with CakePHP and the Zend Framework and not really got very far, so a few days ago I downloaded CodeIgniter. Although I’m extremely new to this I was pretty blown away by the simplicity of setting things up and getting an actual webpage that processes … Read More

A Guide to Wireframing

Planning a project thoroughly is often more important than the design, app or site. If a project is badly planned and organised then your heading for a disaster. Wireframing is usually one of the first steps to really mapping out your user flows, and is a place where all the ideas can be brought together to build a better picture of what the final project will be like. Its important to understand the purpose of a wireframe and communicate … Read More

Using Highcharts JavaScript Library

There are some great JavaScript graph libraries out there and one that’s recently come to my attention is which is compatible with both the jQuery and Mootools frameworks. To get started point your browser here where you can download all the files you need including examples. Highcharts features include slick tooltips to reference points on your charts, it’s compatible with all standard web browsers, the setup for a graph as demonstrated below is simple and uses … Read More