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easypoll a side project

easypoll a side project

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Posted on May 26, 2010

I was sat in the sun at the weekend and sporadically decided to do a little project like wedeliver you can read about the adventure I had building the 24hr project here. This project on the other hand probably took about 24hrs to complete but I built it over a few days. It’s basically a site where you can create a simple 2 answer poll, you then take the link to the poll and share it on your networks allowing other users to participate check it out here. I wanted to make the whole experience as simple as possible with a basic interface so users can quickly create polls to share with friends. Naturally there are parts of the site i will improve in time small pieces of functionality. Each time a user creates a new poll it sends it to a custom twitter page here @easypoll which shows all the latest polls created.

Each poll has its own page, for example here’s a poll i created: Visit Poll the bar graph is generated using basic CSS and PHP to determine the percentages for the number of votes. Here’s a tutorial I wrote a while back on how to implement a similar graph

The Design

Much like wedeliver I wanted to create an appealing interface that’s easy on the eye, simple to navigate as well as containing all the functionality needed.

Visit the site

You can visit the site here and create a poll yourself. As I said in my post about wedeliver as a designer and developer it’s really important to do personal projects as well as freelance work you learn so much more building small applications in your own time.

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  • rodolfo

    hi. Asley is possible create a poll not for question and answers. is possible for persons for persons limited. I am a scripts MLM, and I need what sponsors( 5 upline to down) confirmations to the downlines when to making payments, so, change it of prospects to members.

    Can you help me?

  • IztokR

    Yes, It’s great! But I miss two things:
    1. more than (only) two answers
    2. search through polls – there is 990 polls and there is no simple and quick way to see them.

  • Brian

    Great work. Really nice, love your site and the projects.

  • Tommy M.

    Neato little web application! I love the in-between loading/processing messages. Would you consider releasing the source code we could learn not just from your design but your coding as well?

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  • Rosell

    I’m a big fan of the work you do here Ashley, its that your real name?

    • Ashley

      @ Rossell thanks for the message. Yes my name is really Ashley.

  • Adnan


    Just came across you website from Reencoded.
    I’m going to bookmark this site!

    Impressive work here as a side project, you are amazingly talented!!

    • Ashley

      @ Adnan thanks for the kind words and feedback! pleased you like the site and my work :)

  • Khaleel

    Oh I also tried voting on other peoples polls.. although the orange option comes up – it does not let me vote on other peoples poles and just says the same

    “You have already voted or just created this poll”

    Perhaps and IP check AND a database Unique Poll ID

    Thanks anyway

    • Ashley

      @ Khaleel, thanks for the feedback, I’m actually in the process or re-coding the poll page to fix these little problems. :)

    • Ashley

      @ Khaleel, just an update on your feedback, i’ve now modified the poll page so you can vote on a poll that you create as well as seeing the graph even with no votes.

  • Khaleel

    What a fantastic UI and design. Love it, really smooth and cool. One problem

    “You have already voted or just created this poll” – this is pretty lame as I wanted to see and be able to vote on my poll.