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jQuery dynamic number ticker

jQuery dynamic number ticker

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Posted on May 21, 2012

This is a fascinating little script that helps you display a dynamic JSON feed of numbers that automatically updates on the page by animating up or down to the current number. A great addition as part of a realtime analytical dashboard.

The JS Code

There are three functions in total. The first one ‘format_number’ which works the same as number_format(); in PHP adding the decimal places. the ‘magic_number’ function then takes the current number and the new number and animates between them.

Finally we have the ‘update’ function which retrieves the new data set of numbers (randomly generated in PHP for the demo) via a JSONP feed. At the bottom of the script we’re refreshing the data every 4 seconds. Oh and dont forget to include the jQuery library.

  counts = {};

        function format_number(text){ 
            return text.replace(/(\d)(?=(\d\d\d)+(?!\d))/g, "$1,");
        function magic_number(element_name, value) {
            var elem = $(element_name);
            var current = counts[element_name] || 0;
            $({count: current}).animate({count: value}, {
                                        duration: 500,
                                        step: function() {
            							counts[element_name] = value;

        function update() {
            var jqxhr = $.getJSON("number.php?jsonp=?", function(data) {
                                magic_number("#number1", data[0]['n1']);
								magic_number("#number2", data[0]['n2']);

        setInterval(update, 4000);


For the example number.php generates random numbers and returns them as a JSON object. You could easily add as many numbers to the feed as you like, even retrieving data from a database, simply add extra values to the array below as shown commented out.

	$total_data = array(
			'total' => rand(0,99999999),
			'twitter' => rand(0,99999999)
                   // , 'dummy-entry' => $var
	echo $_GET['jsonp'].'('. json_encode($total_data) . ')';


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  • Peter

    Hai,,,that’s awesome script :) … but can you help me please, if i want integrate with button, if user click on the button stop, the random is stop to random, but if user not click, the randomize still runing…any suggestion please? Thanks Before… (Sory my english not perfectly)

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  • phphunger

    hi good article…i have one doubt..could you please tell me where can we apply this in any of the web based projects…if you don’t mind…

    • cronhound

      This would come in handy for many things,
      Dynamic page views, likes, follows, and any other statistics