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Latest tweets tooltip plugin with  jQuery

Latest tweets tooltip plugin with jQuery

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Posted on October 5, 2010

Whilst browsing my feeds I found an interesting post by Cody over at Codrops on how to add a twitter tooltip popup on any paragraph of text.

You can find the main plugin here: jQuery Twitter Search Plugin or view the demo

The Code

Oh well there’s not much to brag about here but here’s how to initialise the plugin.

The popup box that appears can be dragged and resized. Clicking on the cross will make it disappear. The tweets are constantly being loaded in a predefined time span. This loading stops when the user hovers over the tooltip box.

If you want to configure and restyle the tooltip, you will need to have a look at the configurations of the Twitter Search Plugin. Many parameters can be set here, from style to timings.

$(function() {

Check out the demo and download over at Codrops.

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  • pushyami

    this is what i want exactly.. but i need to validate those fields.. how..?? can any one help me..

  • Beben

    glad can be visit here… is a great for jQuery plug-in especially…
    nice to meet you my friend :)