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Build a MySpace video widget

In this tutorial we’re going to take an RSS feed from the top videos page on MySpace and make a widget to display the latest videos using jQuery pagination, ajax and a spot of PHP to parse the feed. The basic logic of what is going on is simple. We parse an XML file echo all the results, then we use the quick paginate plugin to display [...]


Using subdomains to speed up your site

The average web page contains over 50 elements each of which has to be downloaded from a web server. The HTTP 1.1 specifications recommend that a web browser or server should only typically make two simultaneous downloads per domain or hostname. So most web browsers are effectively restricted by this limit on parallel downloads if the objects [...]


jQuery font resizing for accessibility

Following on from yesterdays little article about adding a simple JavaScript print link to a page, today I’m going to cover adding the functionality with jQuery for the user to adjust the text size on a page. It is important from an accessibility point of view to give your users the ability to re-size the text, and its also a handy trick [...]


Creating a JavaScript print link

How many times have you booked that holiday or purchased a new gadget and been presented with a button that says ‘Print your receipt’? Users generally have to be pushed into executing a physical action such as printing a receipt or confirmation letter. So to do this we can use a simple line of JavaScript that goes in the href of [...]


PHP HTTP Authentication

Occasionally you may wish to make certain pages of your site only viewable to a select few. you can do this by using PHPs built in HTTP Authentication. The code needs to go right at the top of your php page so don’t get ‘Headers Already Sent’ errors. You can see that we’ve specified the username and password in the [...]


Detecting an Ajax Request with PHP

Here’s a quick piece of code that i find useful to check if a request that comes to a PHP page was made via an Ajax call or a simple form post. This method uses the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH’] request to determine if data was sent to a specific page using an xmlhttprequest. It’s worth bearing in mind that there [...]


jQuery Form Highlighting

Carrying on the theme from yesterday with the jQuery & PHP username availability checker, i’ve got a quick tip to improve the user experience, so the user knows exactly where they are in the filling out complex forms. We could use CSS to do this alone, however it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. So in order to cater for all [...]