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Truncate text with the jTruncate jQuery Plugin

I stumbled across this pretty useful jQuery Plugin the other day that i though some of you would appreciate. It was written by Jeremy Martin a few years back. The plugin solves a big problem in that, if you have too much text you can not truncate it, or split it into two section allowing you to hide and reveal the text when needed. The plugin [...]


Easy PHP Pagination

I’ve had a few pagination scripts over the years but I thought i’d share the one that i’m currently using as it’s a useful script to have in your toolbox. As a developer you’ll soon find a need to paginate data when displaying contents from the database, and rather than use JavaScript which could require all the [...]


jQuery image zoom effect

I recently revamped my portfolio as it was looking dreary and completely uninspiring, I wanted to present my work in a way that was both easy to navigate, easy to maintain and most importantly looked smart and un-cluttered. When I was brainstorming for ideas, I initially thought I would break up my portfolio into categories to make it both [...]


5 SEO tuning tips

If you think you can just build a website and expect it to perform well you can think again. Getting a website to the top of search results is every marketing managers goal. Im going to run through five key points that will put you in good stead to getting the results your site deserves. SEO is often percieved as a dark art. If you start out [...]


Logging processes with PHP

Its sometimes necessary as a developer to log and track data as it is processed either to debug or to keep a simple record of maybe who’s logged in or out of your site. You could easily do this by accessing a MySQL database and adding a row, but you then have to create and maintain that database. So today I’m going to run through [...]


jQuery and PHP inline editing

Inline editing as it’s known, or being able to edit content directly on a page is a great tool have under your belt. I’m going to run through exactly how it works as well as how to POST the updated text content through to a PHP script for server side processing to put in the database. The Code It looks a little complex so i’m [...]


Using Memcache With PHP

I want to just start this little post with that fact that I don’t know all the ins and outs of using Memcache but I have enough knowledge to just about get it working. I have access to a Mediatemple Dedicated Virtual Extreme server and managed to install it on the server using SSH, with the help of this little guide from Mediatemple [...]