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Mod rewrite in 10 minutes

Mod rewrite is the best tool to rewrite those long and complicated urls. So what do you need to use mod_rewrite? The only thing you need to get started is make sure that the mod_rewrite module is installed in your Apache server. If your not sure how to find out fear not, copy the code below (make sure you put it between php delimiters) save [...]


Jquery Spy

A while ago i spent a long time looking into how Digg made their original spy script, which i can no longer find on their site. They do however have a flash spy which is pretty cool and can be found here. I found a similar script to do the job over at and used that for a while for a small project of my own, and over the past [...]


Creating an iframe with JavaScript

I want to start this post by saying that I’m not a fan of using iframes, however, sometimes due to restrictions within some development environments it may be the only way to embed content into your site of blog. So whats the point i hear you cry. This code is really only useful if your distributing and sharing widgets from your site. [...]


Website thumbnails and snapshots

I thought I’d share this great little site for displaying website thumbnails for free and unbranded! Move over Websnapr, Snapcasa’s coming through! Websnapr has somewhat dominated the market over the years with their thumbnail generation service as they boast having served over 1 billion thumbnails. However [...]


Caching Dynamic PHP pages easily

I’ve been looking for a solution to cache heavy pages and just serve a static html version for a little while now, and I’ve found a solution in output buffering. Things to think about It’s not a good idea to go away and cache your entire site, you need to think about which pages receive high traffic, and which pages make [...]


CSS Reset

It’s a good idea at the start of writing your CSS code to reset the CSS across all browsers to ensure that your page renders more or less the same. By default different web browsers use different values for margins, padding, or line heights. A CSS reset script will ensure that most browsers will render your site identically, without [...]


Mootools Ajax Example

Here’s a quick example of an ajax request with Mootools. the code below is from However I have modified it to get the data using the twitter search api. So the script contains 4 functions, the first function ‘initializeContainer’ makes a new ajax request to our file, in this case ‘twitter.php’. [...]


Mootools auto font size adjustment

After browsing the vast space that is the internet, i stumbled upon a great piece of code that, depending on the number of words in a div automatically adjusts the font size. This could be really useful if you have a list of user feedback, that you want to jazz up. So whats the code doing? Simply put. The code looks for the text within class [...]


PHP cookies Quick

Cookies are mainly used to authenticate a users session, they are small packets of data that are stored in the web browser that allow a website to match specific user information to that in the database, thus authenticating the user. So what are the values? $name – is what you want to call the cookie, we will use this to reference the [...]