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Web design and development tutorials, scripts and downloads designed for beginners right through to advanced developers

Lightweight Mobile Browser Detection

This simple lightweight piece of code developed by Andy Moore and modified by Mobiforge allows you to redirect your users through to a mobile version of your site. The best way to do this would be to include the following code into the top of the index page as this is most likely your first point of entry. It is advised as i did in the iphone [...]


IoBridge Module

A few months ago i purchased the ioBridge module which allows you to control electronic devices over an internet connection anywhere in the world. I’m intrigued at the collaboration of the internet with real life electronic devices, and being able to write PHP and JavaScript to control and interact with objects in the real world. The [...]


Simple jQuery Show/Hide Div

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to show/ hide a div using jQuery. First we include the Google jQuery library, the next steps simple. We now setup a click event listener which is triggered when a users click the and object that has the class ‘show_hide’ which then toggles the div element with the class ‘slidingDiv’. [...]


Use PHP to Gzip CSS files

Minimising the time a user has to wait for a web page to load is crucial. Using Gzip and PHP we can minimise file sizes of CSS files. This technique is a powerful and simple way to reduce page download size and speed up your site that will work with most PHP installations, even those on shared hosting that don’t have mod_deflate turned [...]


Build an API

If you type in a URL to a web site in your browser and that URL returns data in a structured format, then a basic API is already in place. For example, when you access an RSS feed, you’re essentially using an API. You type in a structured URL “asking” the server for information in RSS format and the server (usually) spits [...]


Introduction to OAuth

OAuth allows you to share your private online resources (photos, videos, contact list, bank accounts etc..) stored on one site with another site without having to hand out your username and password. There are many reasons why you should not share your private credentials. Giving your email account password to a social network site so they [...]


PHP variable variables

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be writing some posts on object orientated programming in PHP5, but to get us started there are a few techniques that we need to know, so today I’m going to be looking at variable variables. Naming conventions are really important when it comes to variable names in programming and one way we can [...]


Compress your HTML code using PHP

When we write code we love to format it nicely adding tabs, line breaks and indentations, but the end user isn’t interested in how lovely the source code is, they just want the page content, so this script strips out all the line breaks and spaces in your code and puts it on one line, compressing your code and making it faster.


Introduction to PHP while loops

This is just a quick introduction for beginners getting started with PHP and using while loops. You will quickly find that while loops are used regularly to cycle through specific data. So here’s a little code snippet of a simple while loop in action. Lets run through the code to see whats happening. we start by using a php delimiter [...]


Increase a PHP scripts execution time limit

I’m working on a project right now that uses a PHP crontab to run a heavy script, and the problem I faced was the server kept timing out because by default PHP has a time limit for script execution. There’s an easy way around this by adding the following line of code to the top of your php code. It simply overrides the maximum [...]