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"RT @ChloeCondon: Those are watermelons, bro 🤔🍉"

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"RT @noelfielding11: This crow wearing a monocle has disguised itself as an open boot door x"

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Display your Feedburner stats

I’ve been away for the last week. My wife and I bought a flat in North London and finally moved in on March 16th. So I’m currently without the internet and won’t have it until the end of March which is frustrating when I want to update my blog but simply can’t so please excuse my infrequent posts over the next few weeks. [...]


Ipod and Iphone PHP detection

This is a useful script to re-direct Iphone and Ipod users to a specific page. You could use this if your getting a lot of mobile traffic and your current site isn’t optimised for it. Or for branching out and developing a mobile site for your visitors! There’s a bad point to using this right? Sure thing. As a developer you may [...]



Here’s how to use PHP CURL and the TinyURL api to generate tiny urls on the fly. This is a similar tutorial to the one I wrote a while back on using the Twitter API I’ve set the variable $maketiny as the url that you want to shorten. This then gets passed into the function and processed with CURL. CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER returns [...]


Prototype page scrolling

I’ve been working on a project over the last few days that uses anchor links to direct the user to specific content on the page, but instead of just clicking the link and page snapping to the content i thought it would be nice for the page to scroll to the specific content. This technique can be achieved using Prototype effects. You [...]


Add Gravatars to your wordpress theme

A few days ago I was looking around the internet for a solution on how to add Gravatar avatars to my WordPress comments section, and I found out that its easier than I originally thought! I thought there might be quite a bit of code to implement but found out that it requires just one line of PHP. So here are the steps to adding user Gravatars [...]


PHP form validation

When building a simple form, validation is usually neglected leaving us open to malicious attacks or genuine user error. filter_var is a built in function to PHP 5 that allows you to strip out any unwanted characters and also makes sure that the data is in the right format i.e. you can check to see if a users email address is in fact a valid [...]


Using PHP includes

PHP is a powerful language that has replaced HTML frames and JavaScript includes in performing the task of including code from one page onto another. Generally PHP includes are used for database connection scripts, functions or classes, to be included in dynamic pages. But they can also be used in your static html projects too. This is really [...]


Mod rewrite in 10 minutes

Mod rewrite is the best tool to rewrite those long and complicated urls. So what do you need to use mod_rewrite? The only thing you need to get started is make sure that the mod_rewrite module is installed in your Apache server. If your not sure how to find out fear not, copy the code below (make sure you put it between php delimiters) save [...]


Jquery Spy

A while ago i spent a long time looking into how Digg made their original spy script, which i can no longer find on their site. They do however have a flash spy which is pretty cool and can be found here. I found a similar script to do the job over at and used that for a while for a small project of my own, and over the past [...]


Creating an iframe with JavaScript

I want to start this post by saying that I’m not a fan of using iframes, however, sometimes due to restrictions within some development environments it may be the only way to embed content into your site of blog. So whats the point i hear you cry. This code is really only useful if your distributing and sharing widgets from your site. [...]