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"RT @charlesLeahy1: Bloody migrants coming over here blocking our roads #amphibiancaravan"

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"RT @RandyRainbow: This is the only news I care about today 🦃"

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Google Ajax API

Google provides a great set of javascript api’s to interact with its service. The Google service allows you to integrate maps, local search, dynamic feed content, and graphs and charts, into your website or blog. To start using the service you need to sign-up for an api key here, after that the best place to head it the ‘code playground‘ [...]


Using the Twitter API

TWITTER HAS CHANGED ITS API METHOD THIS TUTORIAL WILL NO LONGER WORK. Here’s a simple introduction on using the Twitter API. The API offers many different ways to connect to your details including xml, json, atom, and rss. Im going to use xml, php and curl to read an xml file to get my latest followers tweets and display them in the [...]


JQuery fading a div after a certain time

Here’s a handy bit of code that I use quite regularly, it’s particularly useful if you’re getting a response message from a form to notify the user that was data sent, or communicate an error and you want to fade the message out after a set time. Firstly you need to include the jQuery framework you can download the latest [...]


Protect your email address with JavaScript

Spam is still an increasing problem on the internet and here’s a quick way that you can save your email address from getting poached. This method uses concatenation to bind the email address, The first operator, called the string operator, is the plus sign ( + ). It is used to signify that one whole string is to be ‘added’ [...]


Web trends for 2009

Here are a few web trends that i think we will see emerge in 2009. Firstly IE6 must die this year right? I’m sure every web developer would be happy to see the backside of IE6. There’s a fairly good reason why as well. IE8 is now in the second phase of public beta, so if all goes well i predict that it should be released at the [...]


PHP regular expression Twitter links

Here’s a quick piece of code to highlight replies to users in twitter for example @ashleyford this script uses regular expression to find and replace a based on two things. Firstly it checks for a space before the @ symbol and then checks for the space at the end of the users name, it then takes that string and replaces it with a link [...]


Looking At RSS Feeds

RSS feeds or ‘Rich Site Summary’ are standards when it comes to transporting data and using it on other sites, RSS feeds can be read in a web browser or subscribed to. Feeds are commonly refered to as ‘pulling’ rather than ‘pushing’ technology. ‘Pushing’ technology is publishing content and [...]


Blogging Trends

Over the past ten months there has been a change in blogging trends. The top five noticeable trends are firstly many blogs are starting to have multiple authors and contributors, this increases the amount of content and brings more variety to topics. This also opens the blog up to contain more subjects. A ‘mums blog’ for example [...]