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Particle Animation with Javascript and Canvas

Here’s a great example of particle animation using the HTML5 canvas. It’s important to note this uses the 2D canvas instead of using the cool but not widely supported WebGL 3D context. checkout the demo. In the demo you’ll notice the whole space containing the particles rotates slowly around a vertical axis giving the animation [...]


Prototype iPhone apps with Javascript and HTML

Ratchet is a great way of prototyping iPhone apps and has a whole host of functionality. It also takes advantage of Push.js which when connecting your pages allows you to create a prototype that feels like a real app when you save it to your phone. Push.js basically loads in the pages and animates between them much like the animation effects [...]


Awesome Dashboard Gauges with Javascript

Data visualisation techniques are ever evolving, and I’d like to share a cool plugin I’ve been using for a while now, It’s based on the RaphaĆ«l library for vector drawing so it’s completely scalable and self-adjusting. You can track it on Git Hub here it’s called JustGage and allows you to add these awesome gauges [...]


PHP Clever Caching

This clever bit of code checks if a page has been modified since it was last displayed and if it hasn’t, it sends a “304 not modified” header and exits, otherwise the content is loads as normal. Add the code below to the top of each PHP page you want to apply it to. It’s especially useful if you serve static content [...]


Fade between a background image with CSS3

Creating an image rollover is pretty easy with CSS. Give the element a background-image, Then absolute position a span element within the div. Then you just need to set the opacity of the span element to 0, and animate the opacity on span:hover. This method uses a CSS sprite image, you could easily use two images but it’s best to save [...]


Show Google Plus’s – PHP function

Following on from yesterdays function to get likes and share data for a URL here’s a function to get Google Plus’s for any URL. The Code It’s worth pointing out you must have CURL enabled on your web server, I believe it’s enabled by default on PHP5 setups. Also the Key below Isn’t a unique API key you must leave [...]


Display Facebook likes / Shares PHP function

We launched a new product at Harkable last week called Daily Pulse – which tracks social data for any URL, you can also subscribe to receive email reports. I thought i’d share a bit of functionality similar to how we engineer Daily Pulse. The Code Below is a super simple function that retrieves a JSON feed of comments, likes and [...]


jQuery dynamic number ticker

This is a fascinating little script that helps you display a dynamic JSON feed of numbers that automatically updates on the page by animating up or down to the current number. A great addition as part of a realtime analytical dashboard. The Code There are three functions in total. The first one ‘format_number’ which works the same [...]