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5 CodePens You Missed This Week

CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web. It’s all about inspiration, education, and sharing. Here are a few awesome demonstrations of what you can achieve with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Shapes Animation The Solar System Shattering Image Animated SVG Text WebGL Particle And Light Render


Mini Javascript Clock with jQuery

I was working on an interesting project where I thought a mini javascript clock would be awesome to display a user inputed time. I’m yet to fully implement it into the project at the time of writing but I wanted to share it. The HTML Simply setup the .clock div with our hands inside. You set the time for the clock using the data-hour [...]


D3.js Radar Chart Plugin

I’ve had a love hate relationship with D3 over the last few months, some things are incredibly easy to get your head around and other parts of the API are just mind bendingly bonkers. I recently had to create a radar chart using D3 and found this awesome plugin created by Alvaro Graves which allows you to create great radar charts like [...]


Simple CSS3 Animations

The days of static content are well and truly dead and buried, Halleluja for CSS3! Recently i’ve been using this snippet of CSS in most of my projects to add slick transitions on page load. You can even add the CSS classes to ajax loaded content and on show the animations will kick in. How To Use You have to add the ‘animated’ [...]


Gauge Bootstrap Theme

A dashboard theme packed with charts, Including the following features and available for just $5! (was $15) If you’ve not used Bootstrap you’re missing out. Note: this theme is built with Bootstrap V2. Gauge Admin One Page Responsive Theme comes complete with awesome charts gauges and micro bar charts. Gauge is a super clean elegant [...]


Create an Animated Timeline with jQuery

I’ve been meaning to write about this plugin for some time but never got around to it until now! This great plugin written by helps you beautifully present timelines and has support for both horizontal and vertical layouts. jQuery Timelinr After including the timelinr.js plugin file, to get it working all you need to do is [...]


Particle Animation with Javascript and Canvas

Here’s a great example of particle animation using the HTML5 canvas. It’s important to note this uses the 2D canvas instead of using the cool but not widely supported WebGL 3D context. checkout the demo. In the demo you’ll notice the whole space containing the particles rotates slowly around a vertical axis giving the animation [...]


Prototype iPhone apps with Javascript and HTML

Ratchet is a great way of prototyping iPhone apps and has a whole host of functionality. It also takes advantage of Push.js which when connecting your pages allows you to create a prototype that feels like a real app when you save it to your phone. Push.js basically loads in the pages and animates between them much like the animation effects [...]


Awesome Dashboard Gauges with Javascript

Data visualisation techniques are ever evolving, and I’d like to share a cool plugin I’ve been using for a while now, It’s based on the RaphaĆ«l library for vector drawing so it’s completely scalable and self-adjusting. You can track it on Git Hub here it’s called JustGage and allows you to add these awesome gauges [...]