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Simple jQuery Gallery

Simple jQuery Gallery

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Posted on July 16, 2009

Recently I was asked to code a really simple photo gallery with jQuery, so I thought I’d post it for all to use. Its really simple and is the first time I’ve built a gallery with jQuery. It works by taking the link to the large image from the rel tag that we set in our html code. we then replace the contents of the div with the id of #image. The hide() and fadeIn() functions are optional. Check out the demo below and as usual you can download the complete code!


 $(function() {
$(".image").click(function() {
var image = $(this).attr("rel");
$('#image').html('<img src="' + image + '"/>');
return false;

Below is the HTML. note that we use the rel attribute which holds the link to the full sized image. We take that attribute and get the value using JavaScript.

<div id="image"><img src="images/1.png" border="0"/></div>
<a href="#" rel="images/1.png" class="image"><img src="images/t1.png" class="thumb" border="0"/></a>
<a href="#" rel="images/2.png" class="image"><img src="images/t2.png" class="thumb" border="0"/></a>
<a href="#" rel="images/3.png" class="image"><img src="images/t3.png" class="thumb" border="0"/></a>


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