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Steps to learning a new programming language

Steps to learning a new programming language

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Posted on October 27, 2009

Learning a new programming language can be daunting to say the least. I’ve recently cracked it when it comes to jQuery. I wouldn’t say Im a pro by any stretch of the imagination but I can successfully build applications. It wasn’t an easy ride learning a new syntax, I’m going to run over a few tips and techniques that i found useful learning both jQuery and PHP.

Take Time To Learn

In order to get into your new programming language you need time and commitment to perfect your new skill. Take the time to spend a day learning rather than and hour here and an hour there, you’ll learn more this way. it took me about a week to get comfortable with jQuery. I use jQuery everyday so it was relatively easy to get to grips with as the learning process was continuous, however you need sleep so your brain can de-fragment everything you’ve learnt that day.

Buy a selection of books

The truth is you just can’t learn a programming language in 24hrs, some books purport to teach you the basics in 24hrs. I’ve never found these books useful. I’d recommend buying a selection of books for whichever language your learning and sit down and read the basics. You’ll find some books easier to read than others so pick your books carefully. Remember you won’t be able to learn everything from a book but it’s a great starting point to start to understand the logic.

Collect tutorials and demos

Start building up a folder of download demos that you can refer to and reverse engineer. I find this very useful, and still do it if i want a quick fix for a project. Reading tutorials on your specific language will also give you a better understanding. generally tutorials are short and sweet and give you all the info you need to know.

Bug fixing

It’s inevitable that your going to run into code errors. Don’t pull your hair out, we all go through it, work through the error and go back on yourself to find out what the problem was. If your building an application, don’t just code it all then test it. Test your code as you go along, then if you find an error you’ll quickly be able to identify the problem.

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