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Using subdomains to speed up your site

The average web page contains over 50 elements each of which has to be downloaded from a web server. The HTTP 1.1 specifications recommend that a web browser or server should only typically make two simultaneous downloads per domain or hostname. So most web browsers are effectively restricted by this limit on parallel downloads if the objects [...]


jQuery font resizing for accessibility

Following on from yesterdays little article about adding a simple JavaScript print link to a page, today I’m going to cover adding the functionality with jQuery for the user to adjust the text size on a page. It is important from an accessibility point of view to give your users the ability to re-size the text, and its also a handy trick [...]


Use PHP to Gzip CSS files

Minimising the time a user has to wait for a web page to load is crucial. Using Gzip and PHP we can minimise file sizes of CSS files. This technique is a powerful and simple way to reduce page download size and speed up your site that will work with most PHP installations, even those on shared hosting that don’t have mod_deflate turned [...]


CSS Reset

It’s a good idea at the start of writing your CSS code to reset the CSS across all browsers to ensure that your page renders more or less the same. By default different web browsers use different values for margins, padding, or line heights. A CSS reset script will ensure that most browsers will render your site identically, without [...]


Using PHP and CSS to make a simple graph

Here’s an easy way to display a simple percentage graph using PHP to work out the percentages and do the maths and CSS to display the data on our page. Here’s the demo. First you need to copy the CSS below into the head of your page, you can style this to suit your needs once we have the PHP in place to render our graph. I used [...]