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"Please discuss... And somebody explain"

@ashleyford 7 days ago

"RT @richardosman: I bet people who narrate audiobooks always have their voices recognised the second they start speaking at 1.25 speed."

@ashleyford 2 weeks ago

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Simple jQuery tabs

This tutorial looks into creating a really simple tabbed interface using just plain HTML and CSS with the functionality and interface manipulated using jQuery. Tabbed interfaces are great for maximizing the amount of space you have on your site. Lets take a look at whats going on. We start with the document ready function. The first line of [...]


Display your Feedburner stats

I’ve been away for the last week. My wife and I bought a flat in North London and finally moved in on March 16th. So I’m currently without the internet and won’t have it until the end of March which is frustrating when I want to update my blog but simply can’t so please excuse my infrequent posts over the next few weeks. [...]


Prototype page scrolling

I’ve been working on a project over the last few days that uses anchor links to direct the user to specific content on the page, but instead of just clicking the link and page snapping to the content i thought it would be nice for the page to scroll to the specific content. This technique can be achieved using Prototype effects. You [...]


Using the Twitter Search API

Twitters new search feature is great for finding interesting people and topics to follow. So i wrote a script to get search results from twitter and display them on your site. This could be integrated into an existing application or used standalone to follow a particular topic or keyword on twitter,  Check the Demo. The script uses PHP [...]