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Truncate text with the jTruncate jQuery Plugin


I stumbled across this pretty useful jQuery Plugin the other day that i though some of you would appreciate. It was written by Jeremy Martin a few years back. The plugin solves a big problem in that, if you have too much text you can not truncate it, or split it into two section allowing you to hide and reveal the text when needed. The plugin works well if you have have for example a set of user generated comments where you want to keep the height of a specific div a consistent height, but allow for a read more button.

The Code

implementation of any jQuery plugin is relatively pain free due to the framework architecture. For those who are yet to use plugins, you need to include the jQuery framework – I generally use the google jQuery hosted file which can be found here, you will also see other frameworks hosted here for those who don’t know. You will notice there are several parameters that can be adjusted below, ‘length’ being the main option that allows you to adjust how much text is initially shown. You’ll find the complete documentation for the plugin here.

$().ready(function() {
        length: 200,
        minTrail: 0,
        moreText: "Read More",
        lessText: "Read Less",
        ellipsisText: " (Click below to continue reading)"

This is certainly a great little plugin that gets around the need to use server side scripts shorten text.


Designer and web developer, Co-founder and Technical Director at Previously I worked at Spotify, MySpace and InMobi. Contact me - ashley[at]

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  • Ian
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    Ian Ian

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    I’m new to this so please bear with me! I have jtruncate working, however I want jtruncate to truncate text located on another page in the same web site, say newspage for example. In in line 02 of the code below what do i need to change ‘.text’ to for this to work?.
    Cheers – Any tips gratefully received.

    $().ready(function() {
    02 $(‘.text’).jTruncate({
    03 length: 200,
    04 minTrail: 0,
    05 moreText: "Read More",
    06 lessText: "Read Less",
    07 ellipsisText: " (Click below to continue reading)"
    08 });
    09 });

  • Christopher
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    Christopher Christopher

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    How can I add a class to the links? I want to add the class “button” to them to use a customized style.

  • brijkishor
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    brijkishor brijkishor

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    Good article.
    I have one question.
    I have a one page which contain two section 1 and 2
    section1 contain 3 more and less link and section2 also contain 5 more and less link then how to we customize it.

    I want all less and more link controll by only one function.
    is it possible by “jtruncate-jquery-plugin”?.


    • Ashley
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      Ashley Ashley

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      @brijkishor if your text is going to be all the same length, this shouldn’t be a problem, however if you want the text different lengths you’ll have to create several instances of the code in your page, which possibly might not be the best solution.